Dr Panagiota Louca

Cell and Developmental Biology Laboratory – University of Cyprus

Thursday 19th January, 2023, 5pm

Novel roles of CEP104 during vertebrate embryonic development

We inaugurate our 2023 program with a very interesting talk by Dr Panagiota Louca who is going to talk about her new work on CEP104.


CEP104 is a TOG-domain containing protein that localizes to the centrosome, non-ciliated basal

bodies and the tip of cilia. Mutations in CEP104 underlie a subset of cases of Joubert Syndrome,

a neurodevelopmental ciliopathy. How defects in CEP104 lead to developmental abnormalities

is not clear. We show that the ciliary function of CEP104 is conserved from protist to

vertebrates. Importantly, we show that CEP104 also associates with cytoplasmic microtubules,

it affects their plus-end dynamics and promotes microtubule acetylation. We propose that in

addition to cilia-based defects, defects in cytoplasmic microtubules likely contribute towards

the developmental abnormalities observed in patients with CEP104 mutations.

Time: Jan 19, 2023 05:00 PM Nicosia 


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