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The βιος-Society of Biological Sciences in Cyprus (βιος-SBSCy) was established, and officially registered in 2020, by 45 founding members sharing the objective of promoting the Biological Sciences in Cyprus.

Biology is thriving and is contributing landmark new discoveries internationally, positively impacting on different aspects of human welfare. Enormous changes have also taken place in Cyprus; several public and private Universities and Institutes have been established for the first time in the last 2-3 decades, research in Biological Sciences is being conducted locally, also for the first time, and there is a growing and vibrant body of scientists involved in education, research, clinical practice, SMEs, as well as students at different stages of their studies both in Cyprus and abroad.

There is, therefore, a growing need today for a modern, active and inclusive scientific society:

  • to reflect the great changes that have taken place in the way the Biological Sciences are taught and practiced in Cyprus in the past decades, and
  • to be in line with international scientific trends and European practices in the field.

The emblem bears the full name of the Society on the left side. The right side displays an abstract representation of a tree with a short DNA sequence at its root, symbolizing the evolution of life on Earth and the common molecular composition of all organisms. The tree was inspired from Darwin’s first-ever description of a phylogenetic tree, as drawn in his 1837 notebook. Designed by Marianna Bonellou and generously donated to the βιος-SBSCy