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The vision of βιος-SBSCY is to serve as a unifying forum for all Biologists in Cyprus. Our mission is to contribute to the general public’s understanding and appreciation of the beauty and usefulness of Biology in improving the quality of life and in protecting our Environment. Our aim is to facilitate the promotion and effective diffusion of new discoveries in Biological Sciences to the benefit of the local and international community and to involve the layperson in this effort.

Specific Objectives

  • Involvement and encouragement of the general public to understand and follow the important international developments on Biology.
  • Organisation of scientific conferences and activities and (e)publishing of educational and scientific material.
  • Promotion of education and professional development of Biologists in Cyprus.
  • Representation of Cyprus and establishment of collaborations in international scientific organizations and networks with similar interests and activities.
  • Provision of consultation to government towards forming national policies and legislation on different aspects pertaining to the Biological Sciences.
  • Support and promotion of its members’ scientific activity and growth.