Jeffrey Harvey 

 Senior scientist at Netherlands Institute of Ecology and Endowed Professor, Faculty of Science, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 

Thursday 8th December, 2022, 5pm

 ‘GREEN BACKLASH: Evaluating the corporate and media assault on science’ 

 Brief CV: 1991: BSc Liverpool University; 1991-1995, PhD, Liverpool University on the nutritional ecology of parasitoids. Post docs: 1995 (Keele University, UK), 1995-1997 (Wageningen University, Netherlands), 1997-1999 (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA). 1999: Associate Editor, NATURE, London, UK. 2000-present: Senior Scientist, Netherlands Institute of Ecology, NL. 2013-present: Visiting Professor, Vrije University, Amsterdam, NL. 

Main interests are multitrophic interactions, above-below ground interactions, the ecological impacts of invasive species and climatic extremes on insects and spiders, the biology and ecology of parasitoids and spiders, scientific advocacy. 

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Time: Dec 8, 2022 05:00 PM Nicosia 


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