The Society of Biological Sciences in Cyprus (SBSCy) was established, and officially registered in late 2020, by 46 founding members from different sectors sharing the objective of promoting the Biological Sciences in Cyprus. Biology is thriving and is contributing landmark new discoveries internationally, positively impacting on different aspects of human welfare. Enormous changes have also taken place in Cyprus; several public and private Universities and Institutes have been established for the first time in the last 2-3 decades, research in Biological Sciences is being conducted locally, also for the first time, and there is a growing and vibrant body of scientists involved in education, research, clinical practice, SMEs, environmental assessments and management, as well as students at different stages of their studies both in Cyprus and abroad. There is, therefore, a growing need today for a modern, active and inclusive scientific society to reflect the great changes that have taken place in the way the Biological Sciences are taught and practiced in Cyprus in the past decades, and to be in line with international scientific trends and European practices in the field.

The vision of SBSCy is to serve as a unifying forum for all Biologists in Cyprus. Our mission is to contribute to the general public’s understanding and appreciation of the beauty and usefulness of Biology in improving the quality of life and in protecting our Environment. Our aim is to facilitate the promotion and effective diffusion of new discoveries in Biological Sciences to the benefit of the local and international community and to involve the layperson in this effort.

The Society of Biological Sciences in Cyprus is a non-profit scientific organization representing effectively the entire community of Biologists in Cyprus but also including interested colleagues from abroad; its principal objective to support the Biological Sciences in Cyprus is based on the use of scientific reason and method. Its specific objectives include the organisation of scientific conferences and activities, (e)publishing of educational and scientific material, and the promotion of education and professional development of Biologists in Cyprus. Additionally, it wishes to undertake the representation of Cyprus in international scientific organizations and networks and establish collaborations with all such fora that share similar interests and activities, as well as the consultation to governmental agencies towards forming national policies and legislation pertaining to the Biological Sciences. Finally, it will strive to support its members’ scientific activity and growth.

Membership in SBSCy is open to all Biologists in Cyprus (regular members) and abroad (corresponding members), by application through our website,, withoutexclusions of any type, in line with international practice and the EU legislation for professional mobility. Its regular members should have a degree in a field connected to Biology in a wider sense, and include scientists in education and academia, researchers, technicians, professionals in the public and private sectors and industry, students and non-professionals who are interested in Biology.

Please join us and follow our activities and accounts in Facebook (, Twitter (@SBSCy) and Instagram (sbs_cy).

On behalf of the acting board of SBSCy

Niovi Santama (Chair, University of Cyprus); Myrtani Pieri (Vice-Chair, University of Nicosia); Loucas Nicolaou (Secretary, Secondary Education); Vicky Nicolaidou (Treasurer, University of Nicosia); Spyros Sfenthourakis (University of Cyprus); Onoufrios Mettouris (Secondary Education); Panagiotis Papageorgis (European University); Andri Christodoulou (University of Cyprus); Ioannis Soros (Secondary Education).

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