Dear friends, members of the SBSCy,
We are very excited that our Society got started at the beginning of February and many members have since joined it, embracing the vision, objectives and ambition of the 45 founding members. With your participation, help and ideas we can become a dynamic and impactful scientific organization that can move things forward for the Biological Sciences in Cyprus and positively affect the scientific discourse, public outreach and relevant state policies.

Given the current state of the pandemic, we cannot organize large scale events at the moment, however, the temporary acting board of our Society feels that we should get to know each other, build a sense of community and communicate in substance with the corpus of our members. We are, therefore, introducing a regular informal forum, named “Coffee with the SBSCy”, which will offer a series of periodic Zoom-based meetings (1-1.5 hours each). These relaxed sessions will have short scientific presentations and lots of opportunity for discussion between the participants about science and also about our scientific society. The selection of presentations, format, topics of discussion can be adjusted in future sessions to new ideas, proposals and requests coming from you, the members.

We are inviting you to our first ““Coffee with the SBSCy” session on Saturday March 20th, at 17hr Cyprus time, via Zoom. You can join using the link below:
Meeting ID: 910 2000 9716
Passcode: 725832

The session will be conducted in English (because we have an international membership!) and the program will be as follows:

Niovi Santama, on behalf of the SBSCy
Welcome and introduction to our first activities” (10 min)

Constantinos Mylonas, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
Aquaculture: the science behind the fastest growing agriculture industry in the last 50 years” (15 minutes + Discussion)

Spyros Sfenthourakis, University of Cyprus
Natural selection as universal acid: extending evolutionary theory beyond biology” (15 min +Discussion)

General Discussion with participants on any topic regarding the SBSCy, future sessions and topics of presentations and general brainstorming (up to 30 min).

Please mark the day in your calendar and we are looking forward to seeing you then!

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