SBSCy becomes a member of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB) thus creating new opportunities for scientists in Cyprus

The International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB) was created in the aftermath of WW2 to bring together international scientists and foster collaboration. Today, the IUBMB represents one of the most important international organisations in the Molecular Life Sciences, uniting biochemists and molecular biologists from 79 countries and territories worldwide.

At its General Assembly of July 2021, IUBMB elected the Society of Biological Sciences in Cyprus (SBSCy, as new member (Adhering Body) representing Cyprus. SBSCy is a new scientific society, established and officially registered in late 2020. It already has a broad membership sharing the objective of promoting the Biological Sciences in Cyprus and representing diverse sectors (universities, research centers, clinical and diagnostic laboratories, secondary education, biotech companies, ministries and NGOs).

The establishment of SBSCy was driven by the need to reflect the great changes that have taken place in the way the Biological Sciences are practiced and taught in Cyprus with the foundation of several Universities and Research Centers and related scientific activity in the broader public and private sectors in the past decades, in line with international scientific trends and European practices in the field. The main objective of SBSCy is to strengthen high-quality Research in the Life Sciences, to support the scientific development of biologists through local and international activities (conferences, access to funding and fellowships, international networking) and the outreach and diffusion of knowledge and information to the general public. Additionally, it wishes to undertake the representation of Cyprus in international scientific organizations and networks and establish collaborations with all such fora that share similar interests and activities. The representation of Cyprus by the SBSCy at the IUBMB is a springboard for further planned international networking and gives to our members direct and full access to the extensive scientific program of the IUBMB.

In particular, the members of the SBSCy can participate in a large number of conferences organized by the IUBMB or can be funded to organize themselves symposia, workshops and educational activities in Cyprus. Furthermore, young researchers can be supported with travel Fellowships to attend such conferences. The Chairperson of the SBSCy, Prof. N. Santama, has been appointed as member in the IUBMB Committee for Congresses and focused meetings and, thus, the SBSCy will be a contributor to the conference program for the period 2021-2027. Additionally, the members of the SBSCy can apply for the different types of short-term IUBMB Fellowships that fund site visits by young or more advanced researchers to conduct research in collaborating laboratories. The next deadline for one such opportunity, the Wood-Whelan Research Fellowships, is April 1st 2022. Finally, the IUBMB publishes 6 scientific peer-review journals that are available to the community of Molecular Life Sciences. Details about the different aspects of the scientific program of the IUBMB, including procedures and deadlines, can be found on its website

Membershipin the SBSCy is open to all biologists in Cyprus or abroad by application, without exclusions, in line with international practice and the EU legislation for professional mobility and can be accessed through our website We invite Biologists to join us, work with us, participate in our interesting scientific activities and benefit from the scientific program of the IUBMB.

From the Board of the SBSCy

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