Dear friends, members of the βιος-SBSCy,

Join us on Thursday 21st March at 17.00 hours in the LRC012 auditorium of the Library at the Univ. of Cyprus new campus (


Dr Athos Antoniades CEO and Head of Research at Stremble Ventures LTD

Title: “Scientific leadership in international projects and opportunities to collaborate with a Cyprus-based Biotech company”

Athos will showcase international projects in which his team is involved:

  • Comfortage, a 20m euro project (Horizon) of a consortium of 39 European partners, focusing on dementia and frailty;
  • Cardiocare, a 6m euro project (Horizon), studying cardiotoxicity induced by breast cancer treatments;
  • Myeloma- Risk, an ERC-PoC project were a novel approach to analyzing somatic mutations yields promising results in the prognosis of disease progression; 
  • – A project led by Karaiskakio Foundation and CSHM on the genetic characterization of the Cypriot population; 
  • The Cyprus Intestinal Health Study – A clinical study that identified novel biomarkers for Colon Cancer in the Cypriot population. 

Athos will also present opportunities for research positions that will be becoming available.

Q&A and discussion

Coffee and refreshments will be served!

See you there (and please come on time)!

Follow the signs to the LRC012 auditorium from the entrance of the Library at the University of Cyprus !

Athos Antoniades completed his Ph.D. at the University of Cyprus and his undergraduate studies at SCSU, USA. He started his career at Glaxo Smith Kline, and has worked at the UCY (Computer Science department and the Medical School), the CING and Frederic University. His research focuses on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. Athos established Stremble Ventures, a research company working in over 20 projects across Europe, USA and Asia. He also works as the National eHealth authority, leading the scientific coordination of Xt-EHR.

Stremble Ventures Ltd is built around a core interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, clinicians, bioinformaticians, statisticians and molecular biologists. It offers advanced analytics, bioinformatics and software engineering expertise for clinical trials, studies and medical research; its mission is to deliver innovative biotechnological and digital solutions in collaboration with an extensive global network of academic and industrial partners.

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