Simge Davulcu.

University of Nicosia

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Simge is an Organic Chemist with a PhD from the University of Bath, UK. She is an IVLP graduate of the Advancing Women in STEM Fields Program. She is a UNESCO award winner scientist with an expertise in STEM Education. She has ten years of experience in teaching and research in the area of chemistry at different levels including undergraduate, postgraduate and secondary education. Her research extends beyond organic chemistry. She has worked on a number of “science with and for society” themed EU projects including RRING, GRRIP, and MUSICA. Her current research includes  the application of Responsible Research and Innovation principles across the education institutions, the alignment of STEM education with sustainable development goals, and science diplomacy. Simge is the Founder and Chief Scientist of Science for Kids Cyprus, providing STEM Workshops for children aged 4-12. Her workshops aim to inspire the young generation to study STEM subjects by conveying the message that “science is fun” via hands-on experiments.